Lovely couple, Cheryl and Kevin, have known each other for over 20 years! Talk about a love story in the making … that resulted in this stunning and stylish engagement shoot! Their vintage meets rustic session took place in the gorgeous countryside near the small town of Wilton, California. We so loved chatting with Cheryl, who eagerly shared their story … starting from a job fair 20 years ago to their lighthearted and classy engagement shoot in scenic rural California. There is SO much to love about their engagement shoot .. from their classic vintage attire and fantastic scenery to true love perfectly captured! {And really, kudos to them and their photographer for hauling that charming, vintage teal couch out into the country!}

Kevin + Cheryl: Vintage Meets Rustic Engagement Session

20 years ago … Cheryl and Kevin were each on their way to job fair for the opening of a brand new Richmond hotel and casino. She caught his eye as he drove by, and he had to meet the stunning beauty walking by. That very day, they shared a few pleasantries over a quick breakfast at McDonald’s.Cheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shootThey found a connection and maintained their friendship over many years. Although there were times of distance, the good friends kept in touch.Cheryl said it wasn’t until God showed them … that they were ready to embark on their journey together. Years after they had first met, they were brought together to cross paths once again. Only that time … was the right time!Cheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shootCheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shoot

Just two years ago, they decided on forever … 18 years after they had first met.

Cheryl looks back on their sweetly vintage engagement shoot … “I loooove vintage style. Especially the 40’s and 50’s. I love the class of that era. Our outfits were actually from the era as well!”Cheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shoot“(There was) lots and lots of laughter … we did a lot of laughing!”Cheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shoot“From changing our outfits in the truck …”

“… and putting that huge sofa in the middle of a dirt road, then having to move it because a car was coming—all the drivers-by honking and waving. It was so much fun!”Cheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shootCheryl and Kevin's vintage meets rustic engagement shoot{Okay, we’re seriously swooning over here these two … and that couch!}Cheryl & Kevin’s Save the Date experience      “(The experience at MagnetStreet) was very easy! I love that the templates are set up for you, but you can still customize them.” MagnetStreet Weddings | Devoted design suite.

Here’s a lovely little glimpse into their big day last August …Kevin & Cheryl's vintage meets rustic wedding day photo

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