Everyone wants to remember their special wedding day and therefore home videos and poor quality photographs on a camera phone won’t cut it; this is why the majority of couples will opt for a professional wedding photographer to document their special day. However, one question many are faced with and ask is ‘Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?’.


So are wedding photographers expensive? Only if you think they are, but lets try and understand the value of what you are paying for and how they are also affordable, and what is involved.


The price charged by wedding photographers can range hugely and many charge into the thousands for a full day of shooting, however, they are a necessary part of any wedding day. Wedding days are the most important day in many of our lives and the risk of not having the photos you dreamed of runs high unless you have a professional taking care of it.

Not only do wedding photographers take staged photographs of the wedding party and guests, many offer a full day of shooting which involves everything from photographs of the bridal makeup and hair being done right until the last person leaves the wedding reception. Furthermore, photographers’ work is not done when the day is over as they then have the responsibility of choosing the best quality photos and making any edits to those that need it.

With such pressure on professionals to capture every perfect photograph, it is somewhat understandable that wedding photographers are so expensive when you consider the sheer amount of equipment required.

Not only do they need one camera, but also lenses, tripods, memory cards, batteries, a different camera for this, a different camera for that and camera equipment is not often easily affordable with many wedding photographers’ kit reaching a cost of well into the thousands of pounds. With all this expensive kit you also need public liability insurance that most venues require before allowing you to work on their premises, again another large expense.

That is just the camera, what about editing your photos? A powerful laptop or PC is needed, software to edit the photos, back up hard drives so nothing is lost, USB pens and online storage to supply your photos, all these costs add up.

With everything there is time, you are not just paying for the wedding photographer to attend our wedding for 6-12 hours and that is it, they will spend time making sure all they have all the equipment set up for your wedding, they may go and recce your venue to ensure they know the best places for some beautiful photos, then after the wedding, transferring images, backing them all up, and then editing them and creating albums that you fall in love with.

Additionally, wedding photographers have a huge pressure placed upon them; one wrong click or one faulty piece of a equipment and the hundreds of wedding photographs you have been waiting for are gone, and the fault lies solely with the wedding photographer themselves, you are paying for experience.


Who says they do? Who says they don’t? As with anything the price of something or cost of something varies, there is always cheaper and there is always more expensive. The key is to understand what you are paying for. Why does it cost more to go to a award winning 5 star restaurant then it does to your local fast food take away?


As you can see there is a large amount of money is spent on having the right equipment for the job, and also a large amount of time that goes into it all, but there is more to the job and capturing your perfect wedding day than just the camera and all the gadgets, these are just tools.

There is a skill and an art that has been developed, learnt and honed by the photographer over many years, you can give all the same equipment to someone who has little professional experience and they may take one or two nice shots, but a professional photographer with years of experience will take a whole album worth of stunning shots that tell a story. This is what you are paying for. Someone with years of experience, someone you can trust.

Wedding photography isn’t just a purchase, your wedding dress is a purchase, you shall wear it once and that is all, your wedding flowers are a purchase, after a few days they shall wilt and that will be that, however your wedding photography is an investment.

Your wedding photos are a story of your perfect day, they will capture the emotion of the day, your beautiful fresh flowers, your stunning white dress, your wedding album will hold all those memories and moments forever which you can share with friends, family and grandchildren.

You get what you pay for...

So before you purchase your flowers, cake and dress just remember that saving a little on each of those will make for an even better investment in your wedding photos.

Like most things you get what you pay for, so find an experienced wedding photographer that you value and that you trust to capture your special day, you only get one chance.

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